In 2003 I wrote:

“Welcome to the Home Page for the Narrowboat Polly Anna. As well as a history of the boat and a log book of her cruises, I hope that other people considering buying a second-hand narrowboat, and in particular an ex-hire one, may benefit from our experience and mistakes. Polly Anna is a 63ft all steel narrowboat, which while we owned her was normally moored at Bugbrooke Marina on the Grand Union Canal near Northampton. We owned her for two and a half years, during which time this site developed. Sadly we sold her in the Spring of 2004 – see the selling page for our reasons and conclusions. Buying Polly Anna was a fantastic experence, and we hope to return to the canals as hirers very soon, and with another boat in the not too distant future. Thanks to everyone on the canals and internet who gave us help and advice. We will miss meeting so many pleasant people.”

It’s now 17 years later and as I’m moving this site to a new domain I’ve decided to re-write it in using WordPress, increase the picture sizes, and prepare it for a potential Part Two. We have returned to the waterways in the intervening years, and still harbour ambitions….

April 2020